March 27, 2023

Aquarius- Your stubbornness may get the best of you this week. Rebelling and sticking to your guns can be a good thing, but if everyone says you shouldn’t dye your hair green you might want to listen.

Pisces- Take notes from your Aquarius friends this week and stand your ground. Friends may try to lead you down the wrong path, like towards a career as a circus clown. If this isn’t what you want say no. Scream no. Just, no.

Aries- The combination of your impulsivity and courageousness may place you directly in harm’s way. If your courage tells you to climb the tallest tree and your impulsivity suggest you then jump down, don’t listen. Play it safe this week, maybe its best if you spend this week in the safety of your own home.

Taurus- Make sure you split your time carefully between your friends and your significant other. They may both be begging for your attention, careful one doesn’t turn into a diva!

Gemini- This week is all about questions for you. Your inquisitive nature will push you to question everything and demand answers. Who invented the picture frame? Where do babies come from? Why does your roommate keep taking your socks? Time for you to find out.

Cancer- Letting go of things can be hard for you, but I promise you don’t need your fourth grade social studies notes anymore. It’s time to purge, consider reading an article about clutter…


Leo- This week your faithful and loving nature will really show. Get coffee with your friends, they need your compassion and understanding. Show them how much you care, rent a billboard and proclaim your love.

Virgo- You have tendency to be slightly harsh or overcritical. This week take time to think before you speak. Just because someone doesn’t load the dishwasher the way you think they should doesn’t mean they need you critique.

Libra- You’re letting your indecisiveness get the best of you. Take time really think before you decide, flipping back and forth will not only hurt the people around you, but also hurt yourself. Once you make a decision do your best to stick with it.

Scorpio- Run free with your emotions this week. Feel free to cry in the middle of the party if you really feel that sad. Quite literally stand in the very middle of the party and let the tear flow.

Capricorn- Your humorous nature will be appreciated this week. Feel free to break awkward silences with one of our patented one-liners. If by some off chance people don’t laugh the first time keep telling the same joke until they do. This will work, trust the horoscope.

Sagittarius- Your loyalty may be tested this week. Make sure you stand behind your friends, they will support you in return.

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