March 2, 2024

The holidays can make you hungry and it can be tough figuring out what to eat. Some students don’t have the time and/or money to cook full meals at home with fresh ingredients. Some students don’t even know how to cook.
Rose Murray, a freelance author and food writer, has made a name for herself in the food industry locally and across Canada. She has published 14 cookbooks containing a wide selection of recipes and an abundance of information on cooking. There’s got to be at least one recipe you’ll salivate over when reading.
“I try to develop recipes that people will actually read and want to cook right away without going all over the place for ingredients. So I guess you could say most of the dishes are fairly mainstream,” said Murray. “(Like recipes) for families and people who work. However, there are lots of recipes that certainly are unique.”
As a student, of course, it’s easier said than done to cook and eat well, but attempting to prepare recipes that aren’t complicated that call for fresh and nutritious ingredients is a great first step. Avoiding processed foods that have a high sodium and fat content can also help balance out your diet.
Cooking alone is another barrier that can lead to frustration if you’ve never done it before. Trying a new recipe with friends or family is an excellent and fun activity for everyone and the end result will be a delicious reward.
“Some of my favourite meals and recipes are those simple (ones) made with good, fresh, local ingredients, perhaps a perfectly roasted chicken or a runny poached egg,” said Murray. “I have tons of quick and easy recipes (as well) such as homemade pita chips, instant mac and cheese (a homemade alternative to Kraft Dinner), sweet potato fries, black bean hummus, tuna and fresh tomato pizzas, tortellini toss with clams (canned) and make-ahead French toast with dried fruit.”
Do you remember those meals from when you lived back home or grandma’s delicious baking? How could you forget. These are “comfort foods” that are tied to memories of family or loved ones and relate directly to when you were a kid. These would be dishes like a nice stew or homemade bread. These foods are your favourites and they make you feel good just by thinking about them.
Murray has travelled across Canada and the world and has tasted countless dishes and explored so many different foods. You can join her on her journeys by visiting her website at or by checking out one of her cookbooks.

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