March 27, 2023


This past year was one of turmoil, with few bright spots. From the Russian passenger plane being brought down by a bomb and the attacks in Paris to the Syrian refugee crisis, heartbreaking events in 2015 have been front and centre and most of the devastation can be blamed on one group – ISIS.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is an extremist militant group that is targeting the West and anyone who does not believe in the group’s interpretation of the Qur’an.
A few major events have happened due to the war against ISIS, a group aimed at promoting terror and violence.

The Russian plane crash was an event that grabbed the world’s attention. On Oct. 31, a Metrojet Airbus 321-200 crashed after an explosive device detonated, killing all 223 people aboard. ISIS claimed responsibility.

The terrorist attack on Nov. 13 in Paris killed 130 innocent people. The event made a lot of people around the world fear for their safety.

The Syrian refugee crisis has been an ongoing event with more than nine million Syrians fleeing their homes. Rebel groups, including ISIS, have been battling the government since 2011. The war has been labelled the worst humanitarian crisis since the Second World War, with over 250,000 killed, approximately the same number injured or missing and half of the country’s 22 million displaced.

Although 2015 has had a lot of negative events, there was one positive one in Canada.

The biggest event for this country this past year was the federal election, with Stephen Harper losing to Justin Trudeau. Canadians wanted change and they got it.

With 2015’s end, there comes new beginnings. 2016 must be the year where people stand up and make a difference. Trudeau has started that ball rolling, by welcoming 25,000 refugees. We should help not just them, but all people who are disadvantaged and impoverished. We also need to help other countries that are being attacked, showing strength in numbers.

Hopefully 2016 will bring peace to those living in foreign lands, as well as peace in your own life.

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