March 31, 2023


If you love crude humour or if you just love seeing Zac Efron shirtless, Dirty Grandpa is the movie for you.

Efron works side by side with Robert DeNiro in this laugh out loud hit movie. It starts out calmly at a funeral for the wife of Dick Kelly (DeNiro) and Jason Kelly’s (Efron) grandmother.
Efron plays a preppy, uptight businessman and DeNiro plays a perverted retired army lieutenant-colonel.

After the funeral the grandson is tricked into driving his grandfather to Florida. As soon as he shows up at his grandfather’s house it takes a turn. The movie becomes hilarious and disturbing at the same time.

Even though his grandson is getting married in a week he pushes the limits to get himself and his grandson to have one last time together before the wedding. He also wants to show him a good time and maybe even teach him a life lesson or two.

If you hate movies with stupid jokes or dirty jokes this isn’t the movie for you, but if you love that and can wait about 45 minutes to see Efron shirtless then go see this film.
This movie may not be exactly how all grandpas react to their wife’s death, but maybe all our grandfathers are keeping secrets from us.

Dirty Grandpa has more than humour going for it. It has Efron all decked out in bright and tight pants with sweater vests driving his fiance’s pink Mini Cooper. It sure makes him look very flamboyant throughout the movie.

DeNiro’s jokes about the car and Efron’s attire are priceless. Even when they are posing for a shirtless contest all you can stare at is Efron’s yellow pants. They are distracting yet it doesn’t take long to look back at his shirtless body.

In the end both characters find a way to grieve and figure out they are never too old to change their lives. The movie does have its serious moments, but you will leave the theatre holding your stomach from laughing so hard and so much.

Dirty Grandpa’s release is perfect timing with Spring Break or Reading Week as we like to call it. If you can’t go to Daytona or to Cancun, how about heading over to your local movie theatre to see Dirty Grandpa over your Reading Week.

Overall I give the movie four out of five stars.

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