February 22, 2024

By JESSICA HAMMERJhthriftupcycle

At a thrift store someone’s junk can truly be someone else’s treasure, but it might take some imagination and a little creativity.
A plain old T-shirt has endless possibilities and some of these were demonstrated during a workshop at the Mennonite Central Committee’s thrift store, Thrift on Kent, at the corner of Charles and Kent streets in Kitchener on Feb. 12.

Every Friday in February Thrift on Kent offered free Thrift University classes.

“It’s another way for us to showcase the amazing things you can find at the thrift shop but also to show our customers and the community different ways that they can upcycle items they find here,” said Heather Gallian, the general manager for Thrift on Kent.

The theme for Feb. 12 was how to upcycle T-shirts. People learned about different T-shirt craft ideas and created one right there at the store.

Wendy Cotter, the materials resources production manager for the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), ran the workshop that evening.

“Inspiration comes from so many places for me. I find lots of ideas on the Internet, magazines, browsing stores and sometimes (just) looking at a find will tell me what it wants to be,” said Cotter. “I can see what the finished project could look like.”

A T-shirt could be turned into a funky scarf, headband, miniskirt or could spice up an otherwise boring outfit.

Another idea Cotter talked about was how to turn a shirt into a bag because it takes about 10 minutes and is one of the easier things to make.

Ideas for crafts are endless and no idea is a bad idea because you don’t always know what the finished product looks like until it is finished.

The MCC is a worldwide, non-profit organization that spreads compassion and peace where it is needed. They work with churches to promote peace, help with local solutions and help with relief work. To learn more about their work, go to www.mcccanada.ca/learn/about/mission.

Thrift on Kent carries everything from books and clothes to toys and household items.

For more information about the MCC Thrift on Kent call 519-886-6226 or visit www.thriftonkent.com.

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