March 29, 2023


You will feel sudden bursts of energy this week; take advantage of them by improving yourself both physically and emotionally.


Someone will test your patience this week. Utilize your skills of persistence and determination to work things out with that person; don’t let your stubbornness get in the way of your happiness.


You devote yourself to nurturing those who you love most, but this week an opportunity to treat yourself will arise. This week will be perfect for enjoying some ‘me’ time.


Your creative abilities will coincide with your risk-taking spirit this week. Consider the positive and negative repercussions before taking action.


With Valentine’s Day behind you, you may believe the romance is over with for a while; don’t be so quick to assume!


You are an emotional and often jealous person but this week you will experience a rush of confidence that will push those feelings aside, allowing you to form a new relationship.


You are not typically someone who goes out on a limb but this is the perfect week to start your journey in achieving your biggest dreams.


This year has been hectic for you but you can relax, as some down time will soon be upon you, allowing you to pursue your humanitarian interests.


You are very adaptable to change and this week that ability will be tested.


You are often very indecisive because you require much thought and deliberation before making a decision. This week you will need to rely on your ability to be flexible when making an important decision.


You make it a priority to know everything about everyone. This trait will come in handy when a friend is in need this week.


You often find yourself dreaming of what could be. This week you will have the chance to pursue those feelings but when doing so, be gentle.

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