October 22, 2021

More than 4,100 students had their say on whether or not they want a Grand River Transit universal bus pass, after voting in a referendum held by Conestoga Students Inc.

The result of the vote, held from Feb. 1-5, was not available as of press time.

Jeff Scherer, CSI president, said, “We would like to thank the students who participated in this referendum for their engagement, feedback and, of course, their input.”

He said the outcome wasn’t available immediately after the referendum because CSI had to validate votes and eliminate double votes. Due to the high voter turnout, this process took longer than projected.

“Each vote has been exported and entered into a spreadsheet,” Scherer said.
“Through this spreadsheet we can see student numbers, names and a time stamp. With this information we are able to validate a student, highlight duplicate voters and validate which vote will be removed in accordance with our referendum policies.”

Referendum results were expected to be sent out during Reading Week, along with an announcement on potential next steps moving forward.

Scherer said anyone with questions about the process or the results should contact him at jscherer1@conestogac.on.ca.

For reaction to the referendum result, see Spoke’s Feb. 29 issue.

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