March 31, 2023


Making decisions has become a lot easier with D-Side, a new innovative app created by entrepreneur and app developer Derek Boyko.

According to Brittany Farquhar, who is overseeing the public relations for the new app, Boyko was in line at the grocery store when one of his female best friends sent him a message when she was trying to decide what outfit to wear on a date. He wondered why she didn’t ask her girlfriends. She said she wanted a male’s perspective. The idea for the app was born right there and then.

“It’s a startup catering to millennials and helping them decide,” said Farquhar.

There’s a heightened social media craze among millennials today and D-Side is supposed to fit right in there.

“Millennials like to see facts and D-Side helps them have that,” said Farquhar.

The app is different from every other one on the market because the user can see who’s voting and also see the gender.

“We encourage users to share two images and allow the D-Side community to vote for their favourite,” said Boyko. “Trends quickly come and go, and this app allows users to choose what the next big thing is, from outfits to finding new restaurants or even choosing between two selfies.”

D-Side isn’t only going to help its users make decisions. In the future, Boyko plans to grow the app and partner with brands and stores to bring exclusive promos and coupons to users based on their location.

D-Side is created by No Big Deal Studios Inc. and is available for free in the App Store, requires iOS 7.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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