June 7, 2023


Women of all ages came together to support and promote change through storytelling and live music at the Boathouse in Kitchener on Jan. 27.

The event was held by Feminine Harbor Foundation which promotes storytelling and the arts. As well, this non-profit organization’s vision is to promote a positive dialogue for women of different generations and their personal experiences.

“We want to encourage women to start trusting their intuition and trusting themselves because that’s an important aspect of our humanity,” said Carolina Miranda of Cambridge, who is the creator and director of Feminine Harbor.

Miranda said she thought of ways to get women to share their personal stories and experiences when she was in her teenage years but had to put the idea on the back burner. Now, later on in her life, she said she has more wisdom and life experiences that she wanted to share and that old idea from when she was younger shown bright and that was how Feminine Harbor was created.

Four women of different generations and backgrounds shared their stories that dealt with trust and intuition. Their stories touched many of the women who came out that evening, as well as a few men.

There was an indigenous drumming group called the Blue Skies Women who performed at the event between each story and kept the evening upbeat.

One of the things Miranda talked about was that young women should respect each other and not to be so tied to what the ideal physical image should be.

One of the speakers, Shelby Ecsedi, spoke about her life and dealing with depression. During her presentation she said that stories are meant to be heard but they can both have a good side and a dark side.

“I never told anyone about that side of me before,” said Ecsedi, adding the community she felt that night enabled her to do so.

“I feel empowered.”

For more information about the Feminine Harbor Foundation and how to connect and share stories go to https://feminineharbor.com/event/stories-about-intuition/.

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  1. If you have any more pictures of the Blue Sky Singers, i’d love to see them! We’ve been singing together since September 2015 and don’t have a lot of pics yet!

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