October 22, 2021


Appearances can be deceiving if a person is looking closely enough and know what to look for when watching a horror film.
For some people, watching a horror movie is the last thing they would want to do. It could be because they just don’t care for that genre of films or they choose to watch it but jump at every shadow behind their closed eyelids when they’re trying to sleep at night.

“We are a prey species,” said Barry Cull, a psychology professor. “It’s a natural thing to be afraid of the dark.

Though for other people, some horror movies have no ill affect on them at all.
Danute Dorion, a film producer and owner of Steam World Entertainment, said that in society people are becoming harder to scare because they are desensitizing what they are seeing in front of them.

“One of the problems with horror films in general is we’ve become so accustomed to them we sort of desensitized them. It takes one hell of a movie to scare the bejesus out of me,” said Dorion. “But then, of course, I watch movies as part of what I do as a filmmaker.”

Dorion said the movie The Woman in Black was one of the only films in the last 10 years or so to send a chill down her spine because it had a really good story behind it. The 2012 film was about a young lawyer sent to settle the affairs of a deceased woman and her estate near a remote village. The deceased’s house and the village are plagued by a vengeful spirit of a woman dressed in black.

With the newer horror films the plots are really predictable and it is always the same story structure over and over again.
“(With a) true horror film you shouldn’t see it in front of you. It’s the whole guessing, is there something in the shadow or is there not,” Dorion said.

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