December 1, 2021


Deapool Deadpool is a unique film based on Marvel Comics’ anti-hero Deadpool, with the funny and charismatic Ryan Reynolds leading the way. Be warned though, this isn’t your typical superhero movie. It has everything that shouldn’t be in a comic superhero movie and that’s what makes it so refreshing and different.

Deadpool, or Wade Wilson, a Special Forces soldier, is making his living as a mercenary. He hasn’t had an easy life, but lately his luck has changed. He’s met the girl of his dreams and they recently got engaged. However, his good fortune comes to an abrupt end when he’s diagnosed with terminal cancer.

This being a superhero movie, Wilson obviously does the only sensible thing anyone would do in his situation: he volunteers for a shady experimental procedure offered by the main villain, Ajax, that will turn Wilson into a superhuman. It’s at this moment where he gets his superpowers which include enhanced reflexes and increased healing, but, during the procedures, Ajax also burns off all of Wilson’s skin and leaves him disfigured. This sets up the plot of Wilson turning into Deadpool, finding Ajax and winning his girl back, who he left when he went to get his procedure.

Deadpool is a humourous, offensive yet light-hearted movie, while holding a serious plot all at the same time. It has brilliantly choreographed action scenes, hilarious writing and the best opening credits ever to roll onto the big screen. Not everyone will love Deadpool, it will be too vulgar and violent for some and too rude and crude for others.

Deadpool is an action-filled movie that will make you laugh and keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the film. Overall, Deadpool deserves a 4 out of 5 star rating.

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