June 21, 2024


TS_OutdoorExcersising Working out can be a challenge. It can be repetitive and cause you to become bored and lose track of sticking to a daily workout schedule.

Outdoor exercising in Waterloo Region, however, is anything but boring and can motivate you to make sure exercise comes first every day.

On a recent Saturday morning, Eric Chagnon, an outdoor fitness and adventure specialist from Waterloo, hosted a session for people of all ages to come out and explore the beauty of what nature gives us to exercise with.

“I find that when you’re exercising in a gym, you can lose motivation quickly because you are not trying new things. Nature has so much to offer for us that can make workouts exciting,” Chagnon said.

The sessions are every Monday and Friday at 9:30 a.m. and every Saturday at 11 a.m. at Laurelwood Park, Waterloo. Prices vary from the first session being free to one person private training being $399 for eight sessions. Two people private training is $199 per person for eight sessions. Three people private training is $159 per person for eight sessions.

From using fallen down trees to stretch and exercise with to jogging through trails, the experience is fun and exciting.

“Eric will push you, but only to the extent of what you can handle,” said Ian Inglis, a real estate agent with Remax. “I injured my back a few weeks ago and Eric will make sure to tell me, ‘If you cannot do this stretch or activity, wait to participate once we’re finished.’”

The number of participants varies at each session but Chagnon hopes to see familiar faces back each week because it is rewarding when he is thanked by participants.

“Helping people is important to me,” Chagnon said. “It may sound like a simple task when all I do is get people to run through trails and use upper and lower body strength by hanging from trees, but getting people to stay motivated is hard sometimes.”

For some, time and weather can be difficult when having to stay committed to exercising and goal setting.

“Time can be so challenging because we all have different things going on in our lives at different times,” said Tim Osland, president of the Laurelwood Neighbourhood Association who is also trained by Chagnon. “But to keep working on staying dedicated to exercise, it can become easier.”

For more information about Outdoor Exercising with Chagnon in Waterloo Region, visit Chagnon’s Twitter handle, @GetOutsideFit, or email him at getoutsidefitnesscanada@gmail.com.

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