June 27, 2022


You’re typically a strong, charismatic leader. This normally works for you and those around you, but if you do by chance find yourself in a rut, don’t be afraid to reach-out to your co-pilot in this flight of life. You know who they are, they’re only trying to help.


You’re a very compassionate and caring person. However, there might be some out there that don’t completely buy your sincerity. Keep true to yourself, even if things get tough.


Your main focus is the task at-hand and your drive and determination is what people find most endearing about you. Just don’t forget those who got you to where you are.


You’re a selfless and caring person who is always putting the welfare of others well before your own. While this is an incredible quality, you sometimes forget the one person who means the most to you, yourself. Give yourself a reward, you deserve it.


You’re a think tank quarterback, always taking other’s thoughts and opinions into consideration. Keep listening to those around you, there’s going to be a thought or an idea coming from a loved one real soon that will break you away from the status quo. Something big.


You’re someone who is typically shy at first, but a real firecracker once someone gets to know you. During the next social gathering you attend, do your best to break-free from the anxious oppression of your personal insecurities and talk to someone new. That new person will make you laugh for years.


You’re a strong-willed person with leadership qualities, but have always wondered if guiding others is the right path for you. Stop second-guessing yourself, you’re more than ready. Jump at the next opportunity and don’t look back, you won’t regret it.


You seem like a home-body to most. That’s okay, you don’t need the approval of outsiders. In the end, it’s your family and your close friends that will provide you with the keys to enlightenment.


You’re typically a perfectionist, and that’s what’s got you to where you are today. But, things are going to get a little tougher in the next little while. Don’t let a setback or two deviate you from your end-game. Weather the storm and keep doing what got you here in the first place, it’s only temporary.


You’re an intense and passionate person. These traits have been a double-edged sword in the past, a real high-risk, high-reward proposition in the past. In the not-so distant future, an emotional decision from your past is going to pay dividends, just don’t be afraid to miss the opportunity.


You have potential, but you let your own insecurities get in the way of true happiness. Be fair to yourself, but also keep an eye out for that chance to turn everything around; because it’s coming very soon.


You’re incredibly magnanimous, compassionate and genuinely care about other’s well-being. These are all spectacular qualities, but it also leads to making other people’s problems your own. Don’t let the struggles of others bring you down, you’ve come so far already.




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