March 27, 2023


Spending a lot of money on hair and skin products with ingredients that you can’t pronounce can be a little frustrating. Also, you’re not sure what you’re putting in your hair or on your skin so, you can’t be sure of the benefits or disadvantages.

“Growing up, my grandma, mom and aunties always used shea butter on their skin,” said Davida Selby, founder and CEO of Kate Lynn & Adwoa. “They never used store-bought moisturizers and they had great skin.”

Kate Lynn & Adwoa is an Atlanta-based natural skin care company that was founded by Selby in 2015. The name of the company is coined from her grandmother, sister and mother’s names. The skin care line currently has four products which are all made from shea butter including black bar soap, liquid bar soap, coffee mint body scrub and shea body butter.

“I call my company a ‘GloCal’ company because the ingredients are sourced locally and internationally,” said Selby.

The shea butter used in Kate Lynn & Adwoa products is obtained through the Fairtrade program which allows the Ghanaian women who gather these shea nuts and handcraft the butter to receive fair and steady income as well as give back to the community in the form of community enhancement projects, AIDS and malaria outreach and educational scholarships.

The locally sourced ingredients include pure honey from LittleBeeProject in East Atlanta, organic coconut oil, pure jojoba oil, vitamin E and essential oils.

When you purchase natural, handcrafted products, you have the option of getting exactly what you need and know the exact benefits.

Skin care products are not the only products you should think twice before buying. Natural oils are the best products to use in your hair.

“I had my hair cut and dreadlocked 11 years ago and all I’ve used on my scalp since then has been organic black Jamaican castor oil,” said Yan Cousins, a hairstylist.

Also, you can make your own natural skin care and hair care products in the comfort of your own home and save money.

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