March 27, 2023


Who are you, without all the trappings? It doesn’t really matter, because this week will convince you that your exterior is the key to everything. Your wardrobe, body, hair, teeth or face? Your title, role or vehicle? Most of all, this week is about the rebirth of your reputation.



This is quite a week for everything you cover up and hide (or do behind the scenes, with no recognition). You are now on the road to radical change. By this time next week you will see a whole new ballgame with your classified information, your confidential project, your secret life or your uncredited efforts. April will be exciting and liberating.



A life-changing pattern this week will permanently alter the shape of your social life, friendships, group involvements and social media. This may be about your rock band or your political party. It may be about a very old friend, or a relatively new one. Embrace the new world.



Sometimes you have to make up your career as you go along. Also, the wild, the weird and the wonderful is about to be unleashed in your world this week.



The time has come to expand your horizons and to reach for what (or who) represents a whole new world of potential for you. The main thing is, it should set you free.



You may not have realized how restricted you actually were. Sometimes it takes extreme to see that – and you will certainly have nothing short of a revolution by the weekend.



Park your old 2014 or 2015 ideas about love at the door. This also applies to professional partnerships (if that matters to you more than love at the moment) – or feuds. Essentially, it is time to put the past behind you and open up to new possibilities.



A different way of working and living is on offer this week and by the end of April your lifestyle will have changed beyond recognition. Right now your best bet is to embrace whatever comes, despite the lack of guarantees or known outcomes.



This week it’s important to talk about space, the final frontier. The magic word “space” is something people often ask for, or even demand, but in actual fact it works both ways. If you offer space, especially where children or lovers are concerned, you also receive it in return.



There comes a time when you have to stop hanging on, or clinging on, and just let the landscape rattle around you. This applies to your household, live-in partner, family, apartment, house, town or country.



This week will permanently change the way you use your “voice” across all mediums or media. It may be Twitter. It may be the world of academic journals or public speaking. It’s a good time to think about freedom of speech.



There may be an old attitude from 2014 or 2015 which is restricting you. The next seven days will permanently change the way you own, earn or owe money. Liberation after such a long time may seem confusing.

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