March 27, 2023


Kids are being spoiled without anyone realizing it. Public school teachers give children stars on a wall for good behaviour or for completing their classroom chores.

I understand that when children go above and beyond they should be given some form of reward, but should they be rewarded just for showing up or for things that are expected.

There has been a lot of talk about giving out participation ribbons for taking part in a sporting event or any other kind of event that involves some kind of point system. I don’t think children should be rewarded for just standing around and doing nothing, or simply “trying their best.” Encouraging this kind of behaviour could mean that they expect everything to be handed to them as adults.

When a child’s team loses a soccer game, maybe they should be told to train harder rather than be rewarded for losing, because in the real world when you lose, that’s the end of it. You don’t get a reward from your boss when you mess up and you don’t get a reward from your landlord just for paying your rent on time, end of story.

You could argue the fact that they are children, but isn’t everything you teach children supposed to help them in the future?

Some parents are taking away the awards and telling their children that they will get them back when they actually win. Although that approach is a little bit drastic, it makes sense. A better way would be to not give the award at all.

A Kansas city mom disagrees with this, and spoke about her beliefs on social media.

“Well, what lesson do you think you’re teaching when you take a trophy away from a six-year-old child? That you’re a jerk?” asked Kandy Johnston, a grad student and mom. “(Are you saying) that she shouldn’t be involved in anything? That winning is the only thing that matters?”

Parents and non-parents see it from many different sides, whether they agree or disagree. I think participation trophies are unnecessary and shouldn’t be handed out. Rewarding someone for doing nothing is just ridiculous.

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