February 22, 2024


esbrasBras are expensive. It can cost you upwards of $50 for a high quality bra or even more for specialty bras. For something women wear everyday it’s hard to spend that kind of money, especially when they don’t last that long. They get damaged in the washer and dryer or just get worn out. There are lots of instructions on how to care for your bras but how do you know which one will work.

Janice Welch is the director at Just For You Fine Lingerie in uptown Waterloo. The store specializes in plus-sized bras as well as the care needed to make them last longer.

“We always tell people that after two wears they should be washing their bras,” said Welch. “(Doing) this really prolongs the life of the bra. It removes all the dirt from the elastic so it can stick back properly. We sell Forever New which is a very good lingerie wash and it is also a natural product. You just soak the bra for 15 minutes, you don’t rinse it. No washing machine, no tumble dry.”

The first mistake people make when it comes to keeping their bras intact is buying bras that don’t fit. According to the Victoria’s Secret website, you should let your bra have a rest after a couple of days to let the elastic reshape itself then wash it.

“Because our product is so expensive we would not recommend a bra bag or putting it in a washer,” said Welch. “Although we sell more expensive bras you have to think of the fact that a lot more work goes into it, the material is more pricey and it’s going to last longer.”

Being on a student budget, especially if you take a larger cup size, can make it hard to afford specialty bras.

“It’s hard to care for bras when you have larger breasts,” said Ashley Nequest, a graduate of the journalism – print program. “I don’t have as many bras as my friends do because mine are so much more expensive, so I can’t wash them as frequently. They are also under so much more strain so the bras tend to wear out faster. When one bra costs close to $100 I can’t have 10 in rotation.”

Just For You Fine Lingerie does measurements and sells detergent that is made to clean bras. They are located in the Waterloo Town Square on 75 King St. For more information visit their website at www.justforyoufinelingerie.com.

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