March 27, 2023


img_3147The Conestoga College Athletics and Recreation Centre offers many activities that students can sign up and drop in for throughout the year.

Matthew Maguire, the manager of the centre, said they are trying to increase the number of programs they offer, such as intramural programming, and provide better times for the students to access those.

The intramural sports offered are floor hockey, basketball, volleyball and dodgeball.

Currently, Conestoga’s varsity sports are men’s and women’s indoor and outdoor soccer, volleyball, rugby, women’s softball, cross-country and badminton. Fall varsity sports tryouts for men’s and women’s rugby, soccer, women’s softball and cross-country usually begin this week or within the first few weeks of September. Information on the teams and game schedules are posted on

Maguire said they will be adding exhibition seasons of men’s and women’s basketball this fall, as well as looking to offer more fitness classes, such as spin classes and a number of different yoga classes.

“It is just more opportunities for people to get involved,” said Maguire.

He encourages students to get involved, whether it be in the activities within the fitness centre, fitness programs, the intramural programs or on the varsity sports teams because it also allows students to make connections with other people and be successful.

“It’s a nice break from school work and a way to get involved at the school and make new friends,” said Kyla VanderSlagt, a Conestoga pre-health student and varsity rugby player, about playing on a sports team.

“There is a lot of research that shows that the best way to be successful is to take care of yourself and the facility provides lots of opportunities to do that,” Maguire said.

Conestoga Students Inc.’s health and wellness services are one way students can take care of themselves. Those used to be offered out of an office on the Doon campus but moved into the rec centre in the winter semester.

“Being an athletics and recreation centre it makes sense to have health and wellness opportunities but also health and wellness services in the same place,” Maguire said.

He added it is a bright new location that fits the means of students a bit better. Wellness Services provides students with massage therapy and chiropractic therapy that is covered in part by the CSI health plan.

A Pita Pit is also on-site in the common area upstairs, where students can hang out with friends.

During the 2015-2016 school year the rec centre had a $16-million upgrade. New features include a triple gym, larger fitness facilities and multi-purpose space, a 200-metre indoor running track and a lounge area where students can socialize. However, one casualty of the project was the ice rink.

Maguire said if students have questions, they should come into the facility and ask.

“We want to see more people coming in, we want to show off our facility and our programs,” he said. “We want to be able to meet our students.

“It’s a student facility so we encourage all students to come and take part.”


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