March 27, 2023


Any winter sports enthusiasts attending Conestoga College this year will be delighted with the formation of one of the school’s newest clubs, the Conestoga Snow Collective (CSC).

The CSC was founded by current president, Kait Morris, a fitness and health promotion student at the college and former executive of the Guelph Snow Club. Morris has high hopes for the new club and says that her aim is to replicate the tight-knit community of snow-lovers that she had been a part of before.

“The goals of the CSC are to unite students with the same passion for skiing/snowboarding, to attend fun events and to help create even better memories,” Morris said.

Being an avid rider of the slopes since the age of 12, she is undoubtedly one of the best candidates for that job.

Being the only group at the school with an agenda primarily focused on winter activities, and organizations of a similar variety being commonplace at other colleges and universities in the area, some feel something like this has been a long time coming.

In order for it to all become reality however, the CSC will have to meet the same requirements as all other clubs at Conestoga. These include having a membership of at least five students, a set plan of operations, as well as a proposed budget and list of elected officers.

Yet despite all of this, Morris is confident they are on the right track.

“I think we have a really good chance at being approved. Over this past weekend over 30 students joined our Facebook group. The interest spiked these last few days, and I’m thrilled.” she said.

The club is open to both rookies looking for a new way to spend the cold months, and virtuosos aiming to return to their craft. As well, there will also be featured trips throughout the year for both kinds of athletes to enjoy.

The CSC’s executives will also be hoping to catch the eye of many an extreme snow-sports lover at the coming Club Day planned by CSI for Sept. 29, which is an opportunity that allows new clubs to get their name out to the student body.

“I would love to have the opportunity of Club Day to promote the new club. We want the CSC to be a successful, sanctioned club that continues to exist for the students of Conestoga College for many years,” Morris said.

Any students looking to join the Conestoga Snow Collective or to get in contact with Kait Morris can do so through Facebook and Instagram, as well as on the CSI website under CSI Prospective Clubs.

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