June 27, 2022

Time to finish up all pending chores before your energy wears out! Expect a few guests to drop by over the weekend. A new relationship is heading your way!

You will be busy the entire week. Your studies, kids, work and social life will all get mixed up and might become a bit overwhelming. Plan ahead to be stress-free.

You have been on an endless chatter the past week. This might lead you into uncomfortable situations now. Make it a point to stick to your own business!

Your life is stable now and it depends on you whether you maintain it or not. There can be sudden changes, be focused on how to get the best out of everything.

The sun is favouring new growth and opportunities in terms of career and finances. However, your personal life might suffer if you act impulsively.

Bad decisions during the past week have made you a bit apprehensive. It is not too late to mend your ways. Focus on your health issues during this week.

You might encounter a difficult situation with your friends. Be sure to follow your gut feeling; it never leads you astray!

There are many friendships and relationships that feel abandoned by you. Break away from your regular self-involved and withdrawn attitude to bring positivity.

Your new spiritual journey begins this week as you detach yourself from the noise of your surroundings. This week will bring a wave of passion in your life.

Your humour will ease out all current difficulties in your life. It is advisable to wear a little garnet in your ring finger in the winter to lock the good energy in you.

Perhaps it is time to let someone enjoy your loyalty? Your zodiac ruler Uranus favours the formation of new bonds; both romantic and spiritual.

Your generosity will be taken to a whole new level. You may change your mind a few times when it comes to critical decisions but it will all end well.


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