March 29, 2023


The school year is now well underway, and so are all of Conestoga’s intramural sports leagues.absports

Most sports are taking place in the newly renovated recreation centre, with the exception of hockey which is played at the Activa sportsplex on Lennox Lewis Way in Kitchener.

With eight sports to choose from, students looking to get some extra exercise this semester certainly had some choices on how to go about doing that.

Mondays feature dodgeball and volleyball, followed by basketball and ball hockey on Tuesdays, flag football and hockey on Wednesdays and then soccer and squash on Thursday nights.

Anyone who missed registering in September can still sign up for the winter semester season, which will also feature all of the current indoor sports.

Even students with packed schedules can participate thanks to all sports being scheduled to finish by 10 p.m. The one exception to this is hockey, due to it being played off-campus.

Kelsey van Ymeren, a fourth-year architectural design student, wishes this was not the case.

“I love playing hockey every year, but I’m always home way later than I would like to be. It would be pretty nice if they could kind of move it up a few hours so I can actually wake up easily the next morning,” he said.

Hockey is also the one sport which costs money to register for, with a $100 individual fee required to play.

Intramurals are open to all full-time students at both Doon and Cambridge campuses. If students are part-time or attends another campus, they can purchase a recreation centre membership which includes registration for intramural programs.

Conestoga’s campus recreation co-ordinators encourage any and all students to come out and enjoy the competition.

According to their website, “Intramural sports give you the opportunity to make new friends, stay active and enrich your college experience.”


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