October 22, 2021


bfzombiewalk1Kitchener City Hall was filled with everything gory and grotesque for the fifth annual KW Zombie Walk and Halloween Expo on Oct. 1.

From Elsa the Disney princess,to Pennywise the dancing clown, residents young and old celebrated Halloween a little early this year.

The event started as just a walk through Waterloo to raise money for different charities and awareness groups five years ago. Since then it has grown into a full day of walking, talking and scaring, with vendors tables, Dark Con displays and costume contests for every Halloween lover out there.

“It started with me having just a crazy idea,” said Karen Andraza, executive director.

She said she called up her friend one morning five years ago to discuss the idea. From there her kids, family and close friends worked together to create the first Waterloo Zombie Walk. Every year since then, something has been added, and it has been tweaked and perfected to meet everyone’s satisfaction.

This year the new additions were a new location, inside Kitchener City Hall, and Dark Con displays that were on the second floor.

“We tried to keep the Dark Con stuff upstairs,” said Andraza. “Those displays can be a bit more gory, and as much as that is what Halloween is, we still want most of it to be family friendly.”

This year the event raised money for the Canadian Women’s Foundation, which helps women and girls move out of violence and poverty and into confidence.

Andraza said she gives the proceeds to charity because she doesn’t need the money, and she holds the event because it gives her a reason to celebrate her favourite time of year.

The co-ordinators hope to hold the event for many more years, celebrating Halloween with fellow residents, and raising money and awareness.

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