September 30, 2023


Never in modern history has an American election affected Canadians the way the 2016 election has.

People are full of fear, heartache, loathing and mainly disbelief.
Nineteen months ago Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for
President of the United States of America. Seventeen months ago Donald Trump did the same. And thus the giant pot we know of as the presidential election was stirred.

Emails were deleted, walls were threatened to be built, debates were had and votes were cast. In the end Trump won 276 electoral votes to Clinton’s 218. Clinton had approximately 150,000 more total votes than Trump, but that means nothing in American politics.

Conestoga students, although not American, had strong feelings about the election.

Second-year television broadcast students think that Americans chose the wrong candidate.

“I think they got it wrong,” said Connor Mallett. “He’s just so corrupt. They say Hillary’s corrupt, but he’s worse.”

Bo Urbina agreed with Mallett saying, “Overall, I’m just kind of disappointed in the U.S.

“Even though it may help our image, it’s worrisome. It’s going to affect our dollar and our immigration.”

During the election on Nov. 8, the Canadian immigration website crashed and Google reported that the search words “Canadian immigration” spiked by 850 per cent in the U.S.

Brandon Mojoodi was more than worried about his family’s safety and living situations.

“My family’s demographic is not the one that is in support of Donald Trump,” he said. “They’re worrying if they will be able to stay in the country, even though they are American citizens. They were born there and they are scared that they will be kicked out because of their race.”

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