September 26, 2023

By Wendy Huenul-Valdes

It feels like floating on a bed of twinkling stars. Donald Glover’s new song Me and Your Mama takes you into a different time and space.

The song was released Nov. 10 and is to be included in his upcoming album Awaken, My Love!, which is expected to be released on Dec. 2.

Me and Your Mama starts off slow and then progresses with the addition of the soft chanting of a gospel choir and a soft R&B beat. Two minutes after being coddled by the soulful voices of the choir a deep blues bass drop interrupts and Glover belts out his lyrics and explosive vocals which fans have never before heard in his work.

Glover shows he knows how to focus on his melodies and how to properly blend genres. He beautifully takes soul and integrates it into modern blues, underlined with a rock-toned electric guitar.

Like so many other artists before him, Glover is shedding his stage name Childish Gambino and that persona. The release of Me and Your Mama seems to be a new beginning for Glover, who has changed his Facebook name from one to the other as well.

The whole song is a journey through outer space best enjoyed in a dark bedroom with a distant nightlight, if available.


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