June 27, 2022


The terrifying reality is this – Donald Trump is the president elect of the United States of America.

How could this have happened?

So many things pointed to Hillary Clinton winning the race. Her experience and her lifelong goals for public service made her the clear choice.

Of course she is flawed, but everyone is.

Trump makes things worse every time he tries to defend himself. His motives are clearly to defend rich businessmen like himself at the expense of everyone else. This is not public service, but self-service.

It may be that people chose to vote for the devil they knew, although Clinton was clearly the lesser of two evils in this election.

Clinton may have been accused of things, but Trump actually did things. His words prove that he is indeed a bigot and a complete bully. The allegations made about him are not about emails or political decisions, they are about sexual assault and abuse of power.

If people don’t think that matters, they are mistaken. How could someone vote for a man who forced a daughter, sister or mother to have sexual contact with him? How could people excuse that? This is a man who is abusing his power as a businessman and public figure. What will he do as president?

What about the racial and political divide? Things are bound to get a lot worse. Do we actually have to worry about the Great Wall of Mexico?

How will this affect Canadians?

Fortunately the president doesn’t hold ultimate power, like Trump seems to believe. His ideas will probably not all come to fruition. In actuality, he hasn’t made that many plans. He has firm ideas and platforms, but when it comes to explaining how he will accomplish these things he falls short.

Trump has no political experience. He has never served the public in any sort of government job. His arrogance will be a big problem when he tries to strong-arm people instead of negotiating.

He doesn’t care about what other people think. He won’t be willing to compromise.

Trump’s financial history and high-risk behaviour is also really scary. He has gone bankrupt four times. He made strategic decisions and intentionally manipulated situations.

America – this was a big mistake. Hillary Clinton would have helped you and Donald Trump will help himself.

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