March 27, 2023


Conestoga Students Inc. is encouraging students to eat healthy, which helps the mind, body and soul.MW-Jones

As part of their initiative, the student association printed a cookbook that included a food guide and handed it out for free.

All copies were snapped up, so they are planning on reprinting it for the next school year.

Last semester, CSI brought in a chef to help promote dishes that can be found in the cookbook, such as a California BLT.

“He was doing demos with the students to promote the recipes in the book,” said Cameron Jones, CSI president. “All the recipes in there CSI members have tried. We took them home and made them. They are all pretty good.

“This stems back to our food support and food service. We know it is important for students to be eating healthy when they attend school. If you can fuel the body well, you can fuel the brain. With the cookbook, what we wanted to do was give a few easy recipes that were both cost-effective and healthy. We wanted something that could be cooked on a budget,” said Jones.

“It also goes through kitchen utensils to help people get comfortable with multiple aspects in the kitchen. Often, you are living away from your parents and you have to cook for yourself, so we think providing students with an easy way to do that is beneficial.”

During college years, students are trying to find time to do homework, study for exams and tests, go home and visit family, work and go out with their friends. The work week can feel long and crammed full of assignments. Brian Banks, a community development officer, encourages students to always find time to fit their three meals and snacks into their schedule.

“In your college years, you’re learning as much as you possibly can, and at that point you want to give your mind – and body – the best possibility to stay on the firmest ground. Not eating, staying up late, eating only junk food and not having breakfast can have a toll on your cognitive memories and focus,” said Banks. “Eat healthy to sustain being healthy.”|

Lunch money is tight when you are also paying for your education. Students will tend to pick up whatever is cheaper when walking through the cafeteria.

“We eat grains and carbs which we need, but we are lacking in fruits and vegetables – which can be more expensive,” Banks said.

“There are a lot of different ways to eat healthy during your school day. Snacking around the clock is OK, as long as the food is healthy, like fruits and vegetables. Have a bag of nuts or a baggy of cheese slices with crackers handy.

“Also, stay hydrated. Drink lots of water during the day. Drinking coffee can dehydrate you. Also, don’t forget breakfast.”

Banks believes eating healthy is a must, but you don’t have to cut out comfort foods to do so, just eat them in moderation.

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