April 1, 2023

Aries – Don’t be afraid to show your leadership qualities. The people in your life may appreciate you more for the initiative you take. The smallest spark can light the biggest fire: be both.

Leo – Tone is an important part of dialogue. Watch how you speak this week; opportunities may arise when your voice and demeanour is kind.

Sagittarius – Luck is overrated. Your hard-working nature will bring you happiness, but only if you put your faith in yourself.

Cancer – Time to drop your nasty habit. It’s time to find something more productive to do. You can do it, and you might even see the cash start stacking up again.

Taraus – Remember to smile more, keep your chin up, and dance every chance you get. In a world filled with insecurity you are responsible for making your own happiness.

Capricorn – Stay hydrated. It might not do anything for you physically, but breaking routine can be good for your mental health.

Gemini – Keep your ear to the ground. Forgetting about your own problems and listening to others can give you a new awareness of your own situation.

Libra – Are you seeing anyone? Good eyesight is important, and sometimes it’s safe to see the signs of a toxic relationship before you or someone you know gets hurt.

Virgo – Ice cream is a delicious treat best enjoyed with family. If you have a family then ask them everything you’ve ever wanted to know. One day they might be gone.

Aquarius – Don’t let your peace of mind be wasted on the computer. In the coming weeks your stress will return. Use this time now to enjoy your favourite hobby or time with your closest friends.

Pieces – It will never get better. That fear inside you will exist forever. Use this knowledge to your advantage; take risks you fantasize about when you’re alone.

Scorpio – Your peace of mind is important but so are your grades. Sometimes you need to lose a couple nights of sleep to get ahead in life, and you know you can handle it.

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