March 29, 2023



The official first week of office for newly elected President Donald Trump is over, and what a mess it turned out to be.

The week of Jan. 22 Trump took his first steps within his position of power, signing a number of executive orders to take effect “immediately,” as he likes to say.

From building a wall on the border with Mexico, advancing a pipeline across sacred native lands and approving the use of torture, the American people and the world got a scary look at what the next four years will be like with Trump at the helm of the free world.

One executive order, however, was and has not been implemented to its fullest effect yet. On Jan. 27, Trump signed an executive order that banned travellers from seven Muslim faith countries from entering the U.S. As any sensible and respectful American, or human being for that matter, realized, this was a terrible idea.

Visa holders, green card holders and even dual citizenship civilians were detained at American international airports. Shortly, and we mean only hours after this order was signed, protests began at airports all across the U.S.

Americans rallied behind those who could not leave, who could not return and who were detained illegally.

After much outcry, large crowds and many colourful and strongly worded signs, those who were detained at airports were released and allowed into the United States, thanks to the American Civil Liberties Union.

Thankfully, this new development was able to show one good thing, the power of the Supreme Court. Some level of democracy still appears to live. With this power, lawyers were able to assist those detained, and have them released.

Many are outraged by this ban on specific Muslim countries, however, this ban is supposedly a temporary one, implemented to evaluate the safety and security that the United States has with these seven countries. Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen are the countries that have been selected for “extreme vetting” according to the executive order.

In the next three months, Americans and the rest of the world will begin to get a feel for and look at what sort of actions and polices the new U.S. government will implement and put in place targeting Muslim specific regions.

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