October 21, 2021

Aries — Instead of getting angry at the next person who crosses your path, give him or her a hug.

Libra — Your light-hearted approach to life will be a huge help to close friends and loved ones.

Taurus — Try to remember that not everyone likes playing mind games. In fact Taurus, you’re the only one who likes it, so stop it.

Scorpio — Everything is right on track for you, like always. Nothing is new. Just maybe let someone talk once in a while.

Gemini —Everyone thinks you’re two-faced and it’s so not fair OR true! You’ve got a minimum of five personas that you juggle. Try to keep at least one of them happy.

Sagittarius — Stop obsessing over things you can’t control.

Cancer — Instead of complaining about the same thing for five days in a row, try to find something new to complain about each day.

Capricorn — Being quiet and mysterious was cool in 2004, now you actually need to open up and stop putting your needs on the backburner.

Leo — Things have been looking very grey for you lately. Don’t forget that spring is around the corner and the sun will soon help you out of the foggy days.

Aquarius — You have a serious side of you that you really just need to let go. Go pick some flowers.

Virgo — The next task you avoid is going to haunt you in your dreams. Avoidance is a habit. Break it.

Pisces —If you’re being overwhelmed by text messages just make the executive decision to throw your phone into a river. Your nerves will thank you later.

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