April 1, 2023


The progressive and psychedelic rock band, Brit Floyd, hit the stage at Kitchener’s Centre in the Square April 3 to an almost entirely full house.

An audience of approximately 1,750 people filled the seats, becoming immersed in the sound and soundscape of a Pink Floyd live show. Many of those in attendance were longtime super-fans of the original band that reigned between 1956 and 1995.

Bea Binka, a Kitchener resident, is one of those fans. “Oh my gosh, since a teenager, a long time ago,” she said about how long she has been a fan of Pink Floyd. She even attended a concert by one of the original members of the band. “Seen Roger Waters doing The Wall, maybe five years ago; the last time he was in town, or Toronto,” Binka said.

Andre Secours, a Kitchener resident as well, was in the same position. “Ah, since the early ’70s; a long time ago,” he said, shedding insight into his long-standing excitement toward the band. Entering the concert hall, Secours was most looking forward to reminiscing. “It’s always nice to hear someone else’s different twist on it too,” he said.

The tribute band played almost entirely without dialogue, only speaking to say “Thank you Kitchener, it’s nice to be here,” and to introduce the band’s members, which didn’t happen until close to the end of their performance.

The show was true to its psychedelic genre. A circular screen behind the stage played interesting videos that sometimes blended over to the rest of the surrounding screen as well. The videos were of everything and anything, animated and surreal as well as real life. The two synthesizers that were played throughout the set also greatly added to the genre.

The audience was engaged throughout the performance, even standing after certain songs finished, before the 20-minute intermission and at the close of the final song.

Cheering erupted frequently during the show. One man even shouted, “Thanks for coming to Kitchener!” to the band during a rare quiet moment between the first few songs, to which the audience cheered in excited agreement.

The set list included Pink Floyd classics such as Wish You Were Here, Money, Time and Another Brick in the Wall, all which had the audience whistling and nodding along to the beat of the music.
The large audience presented the band with a standing ovation at the end of the show, and the band rewarded them with two extra songs in return.

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