October 18, 2021


Last week our government passed a motion condemning systemic racism and religious discrimination against Muslims. The desired effect is to stop the small but growing, number of hate crimes in Canada toward the Islamic population. But not only is it going to make the situation worse because it is seen as favouritism, its purpose is flawed by design.

The motion is unenforceable and more symbolic than anything else. Also, aren’t there more important problems for our government to be figuring out at the moment, like foreign relations and our national debt?

Also, when did Islam become the standard for little broken bird? Western society has been put on the path of separating church and state for decades. Media and education have provoked the Catholic Church to step back into its communities as a faith rather than a national doctrine. I don’t believe anybody is complaining. However, our government is turning Islam into an exotic and untouchable faith that everybody needs to work around lest they contribute to “systemic racism.”

I believe the words “systemic racism” go too far when used to describe the situation in Canada. In fact, Islam is not a race, it is a religion.

I’ve seen regular hate crimes and have heard hate speech against Muslims. These are problems which need addressing, but they’re solved through education. They’re solved through deconstructing stereotypes and understanding the actual faith, not the radicalization. Muslims coming into the country are going to wonder why the government had to deliberately put forth a motion on the topic. Our government knows this. It’s a fear tactic. It’s overblowing an anti-Muslim agenda so that they can be the ones who defeat it. It’s manipulative to Canadians and Muslim immigrants.

It’s baffling that a government can be so condescending that it believes an idea needs protection, especially a religion. Again, I thought we were a secularized nation. Parliament should not be worrying itself with this.

It’s regressive at best. It’s protection for adults. I have a feeling most Muslims would agree. Dissent negative public opinion about the misconceptions of the faith instead of passing a motion condemning any speech that can qualify as “hateful” or “oppressive.”

The Canadian government cannot condemn discussion, no matter how evil it may be. That doesn’t mean I want the freedom to be racist and xenophobic, it means I’m mature enough to realize hate speech and racism is bad and should not be spoken. I know this as a result of education, not the government telling me how to act.

Honestly, I don’t believe they think this motion changes anything. I’m certain it’s another laurel on the Canadian identity, but the power of identity comes through the uniformed actions of our people and not from a government think-tank motion.

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