May 27, 2022


Sometimes while wandering through the halls at one of Conestoga College’s campuses, students may encounter a booth they haven’t seen before, and won’t see very often. As part of the Conestoga Students Inc. vendor program, which has been running for over three years, temporary salespeople set up tables and offer their products to the students. These products vary – one vendor sells video gam

es, another sells vinyl records, while others offer fudge or clothing for sale. According to current head of the vendor program, Maggie Litwiller, that’s just a few of the vendors the student association deals with.

“There are a total of 17 vendors currently working with the school,” Litwiller said. “We’re trying to work on getting an 18th, Spotify, to make a deal with us for later this year.”

Before the vendor program became official, one vendor, Campus Games, a small unofficial business dealing in old and new video games and accessories, had arranged with CSI to come to campus and sell their product.

“Even before we had the vendor program, they’ve been a lifelong vendor at the college,” Litwiller said. “A lot of students enjoy them, I think because they relate to and enjoy the video game products.”

The vendors who come to the college were handpicked by CSI to help deliver the best possible experience for students and provide them easy access to things they might enjoy or need, such as music, games or unique clothing. In regards to food, Litwiller said approval would be required from the school’s food services.
Regardless of what is and isn’t allowed, the fact remains that the vendor program is a positive aspect of Conestoga’s environment and CSI will continue to ensure the program grows and keeps students satisfied.

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