April 13, 2024

By Tyler Medeiros

The suspense grew as I walked through the pitch black forest. My only source of light was the dull moon as it peeked through the treetops. As I continued the faint sound of carnival music could be heard in the distance. I walked toward the music following the gravel path.

Finally, I saw it, the entrance to an old carnival. The paint was chipped off of the fences and smoke filled the air as the vibrant coloured lights bounced around. Before I could pass the ticket booth I was introduced to a grotesque clown who offered me an “easy way out” if I followed him. Instead, I trekked on through the exterior of this rundown circus until I reached a weathered solid wooden door. Without thinking I opened it and was immediately rushed by a clown with some kind of wooden weapon. I reeled back in pure fear then quickly made my way through the door.
Passing through a series of maze-like obstacles in an extremely dark, smoke-filled room, to my misfortune I was introduced to more of this circus’s more eccentric workers. With my heart pounding I continued onward to a room illuminated for seconds at a time by the bright strobe lights hung from the roof. Antique teddy bears floated in the room and the sound of children could be heard. Chills surged through my body as I cautiously proceeded.

With a cylindrical room covered in lights being my last stop I carefully traversed the bridge-like structure as I realized that the room was spinning. I immediately fell to my knees but quickly regained the urge to get out as soon as possible. With only a few more steps I was back in the pitch black forest staring at the now vibrant moon. I had done it, I survived the Carnival of Souls.
Bingemans’ Screampark is back until Oct. 29 to provide you with some quality fear and shock. This year they have four attractions called: Autopsy, Carnival of Souls, Phobia and The Gore Gallery. You can also take a ride in your very own one-size-fits-all coffin.

“Trust us, you don’t want to come alone,” said Beverly Brenneman, marketing co-ordinator at Bingemans, as we talked during this year’s VIP media night.
Screampark is a great way to get into the Halloween spirit with thrills and quality jump-scares. Some of these attractions will really get your blood pumping. For those who could do without screaming for 15 minutes straight, Bingemans also offers a Paintball Zombie Hunt. You and a small group of survivors will be on the back of a flatbed truck that has been mounted with eight paintball guns and limited ammunition, with the goal being to try and take out as many zombies as you can or be overrun.

Cost for the paintball attraction is $15 plus tax. Tickets for the terror attractions are $10 plus tax for entrance to one, or $25 for all four areas. For more information, go to www.bingemans.com/screampark/home.php and use promo code “student17” for $5 off of your terror ticket.

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