June 7, 2023


Autumn got underway on Sept. 22, but you might not be aware of the new season. No one would blame you, all the usual signs that signify the arrival of fall are maintaining a low profile as many people enjoyed the extended summer heat over the usual chilly autumn breeze.

However, that has not stopped one Guelph farm from bringing all the fun festivities of fall for friends and families to enjoy. Strom’s Farm and Bakery, located at 5089 Wellington Country Rd., kicked off the start of the season by hosting their annual Harvest Fun Area.

The event runs all weekend long, including Thanksgiving Monday, until Oct. 29. It costs guests $14 for those ages four and older, while children three and under get in for free.

While you’re there, take part in various activities that both children and adults can enjoy. These include a laughter-inducing puppet show, a competitive pumpkin chuckin’ game and a wacky wagon ride, or if your feeling brave, tackle the six-acre corn maze – just don’t get lost. Many more activities are available and all the fun and games are covered by your admission.

Fresh produce such as butternut and spaghetti squash, red, white and yellow onions, gourds, sweet corn and, of course, pumpkins are all freshly picked and available for purchase. Buttery sweet popcorn and jumbo salty pretzels are also available.

Two people who attended the action-packed event were brother and sister, Caiden and Brooklyn Sanvido, ages three and five. While they played in the sandbox with replica dump trucks and excavators, they were asked what their favourite thing was about their day spent at Strom’s.
“I liked the puppets!” said Brooklyn with a huge smile from ear to ear.

“I liked throwing the pumpkins!” said Caiden as he scooped up another pile of sand with his excavator.

Like the Sanvido children, many other kids were frolicking about, eyes wide with a look of pure excitement on their faces as they explored the vast number of activities Strom’s had provided for them – parents kept a close eye, of course, but the secluded play area allowed for the children to wander a bit and make new friends.

Apart from the scorching temperatures, the kickoff of fall at Strom’s was nothing short of a success with everyone having a great time. The wide array of activities will be sure to keep you busy for an entire afternoon and the welcoming, friendly environment that the staff provides contributes to the enjoyment you and your family will be sure to have.

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