May 27, 2022


Canada’s first virtual reality arcade, Ctrl V, is about to open many new locations across the country, and even spread into the U.S. Thanks to places like Ctrl V, more people now have the means to try this new and exciting technology.

Ctrl V opened June 1, 2016, in Waterloo and is growing exponentially with more than 10 locations now open, and another 20 new arcades planned for across Canada. The company is even opening their first U.S. location in New Jersey.

Guests can reserve a booth in the arcade online, or walk in and pay by the hour for unlimited virtual reality gaming with a catalogue of over 50 games. Ctrl V uses the popular HTC Vive system.

Robert Bruski, co-founder and chief financial officer, says people should come to Ctrl V and, “Give it a shot. You’ll go in there for an hour, and it’ll feel like 15 minutes.”

Bruski also says, “We haven’t heard any downfalls, or negative responses,” which can be a fear for people who have not yet had the chance to try it out.

Virtual reality has numerous benefits to it as well, not just for gaming purposes, but also can be used for training in dangerous scenarios such as combat, parachuting and vehicle training in the military.
According to an article on the Canadian Forces website, “In partnership with civilian hospitals in Ottawa and Edmonton, the Department of National Defence has acquired two CAREN virtual reality medical treatment systems. The systems can be used in the rehabilitation of CF personnel with both physical and psychological injuries.

“The CAREN is a safe, controlled,therapeutic learning environment for CF members to challenge their abilities in physical rehabilitation, and to undergo exposure therapy as part of treatment for mental health conditions.

“The CAREN system allows a patient to become part of his or her simulated environment, to interact with this environment, and to modify it through body movement.”

So whether it’s gaming, simulations or training, virtual reality is becoming more popular, and now with numerous arcades spreading around the continent, it’s only a matter of time before the craze grows even more.

You can visit Ctrl V at their flagship location at 170 Columbia St. W., Suite #5, in Waterloo, and give VR a try for $24.99 per hour.

For more information about Ctrl V, check out their website at

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