April 1, 2023


December is upon us, meaning the time for Christmas trees, candy canes and carols is finally here. People around the world are finishing up their Christmas shopping, setting up trees and decorations, and sending out invitations for their family’s Christmas dinner. However, the same cannot be said about students at colleges such as Conestoga.

Having lost two of the three weeks in a standard winter break due to the faculty strike, students lose two important things: time off after a long semester and family time. While the latter may not seem like a big deal, spending time with your family is something that many people take for granted and is something that students will not be able to capitalize on as much in a shortened break.
Normally students have limited time to visit family members other than on the occasional weekend or for a holiday dinner (Thanksgiving in the fall, Easter in the spring). This makes the Christmas break especially important. Family is a constant in students’ lives. They help with picking a school, with homework, by giving emotional and educational advice and through providing a constant familial love.

No matter how much someone tries to deny it, spending time with family and friends is important, and losing the winter break may have unintended consequences. Being with those significant others results in a mental refresh, and losing time with them makes prepping for the next semester (which doesn’t start until Jan. 15) much harder. Family exists to help you through your problems, to help make and keep you happy and to stay focused.

An argument could be made that some students spent time with their families during the five-week strike, but that was different. That period caused a great deal of stress for students and parents alike. This made for an unenjoyable break, but helped parents sympathize with what their sons and daughters were going through as the work stoppage dragged on with no end in sight. An unfortunate consequence of this was the loss of the long and helpful three-week winter break.

This year, cherish your family even more. Make memories, spread cheer and joy, and remember, time flies so spend quality time with those you love.
Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all!


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