October 24, 2021


Staff and students at Conestoga College are fortunate to have one card that allows them to access every service on and off campus that the school offers.

“There was previously a whole bunch of cards, you needed a separate library card, a separate gym card; there were about five to six different cards you needed to have before the ONE Card was introduced,” said Chris Hussey, a customer service assistant at the ONE Card office.

The ONE Card has been around at Conestoga for four years but in the last two years, it has really changed. It now grants access to services like the Bookstore, CSI Service Hub, CSI Wellness, the library, M&T Print and parking.

Going beyond normal student identification the ONE Card can also be loaded with money and used at places like Pita Pit, Chartwells, Pizza Pizza, Subway, The Venue and Tim Hortons.

It can also be used off-campus at select store locations, including Gino’s Pizza, Johnny Fresco, McDonald’s and Pizza Pizza.

Students and staff can also now use their ONE Card at vending machines located around the school to quickly get the burst of energy they need to start off their day, and it is now used to access many rooms in the school including the Mac labs.

Loading money, called Condor Cash, onto the ONE Card is quick and done completely online. This money will carry over to the next semester automatically and can be refunded for a service charge of $50.

CSI often hold events with games and prizes that can net you some free Condor Cash. Also, ONE Card Services holds giveaway events for simple actions like following them on social media. Some of the past prizes have included FitBits and iPad.

“It is just easier to have to pull out one card for my bus pass, buy food or access something on campus,” said Jacob Huras a third-year computer programming student at Conestoga College. “I don’t have to worry about forgetting a card at home or worry about my wallet being stuffed with cards.”

For more information about the ONE Card and its uses or if you have any questions, visit www.conestogac.on.ca/onecard/. You can visit the ONE Card’s social media pages to learn about upcoming prizes.

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