August 10, 2022


A tech bar is the latest addition to Conestoga’s Library Resource Centre (LRC) and its staff want to help students succeed.

“The tech bar is a place for students to come and get help with any of their technology questions,” said Trish Weigel-Green, the director of the LRC.

It’s a service that may have students questioning whether it’s just like IT Services, and they’re right to question that. The difference is that tech tutors will help improve your knowledge of technology while IT staff help with any problems with software or networks.

“Hopefully it will help IT be more efficient as people will come to the tech hub for help with their technology skills,” said Weigel-Green.

Not only does the tech bar staff truly save students who are drowning in schoolwork and are unable to grasp certain elements of the technology they need, but it also has some useful equipment that can be signed out at any time.

“The tech bar lends out laptops, cables, chargers, digital cameras and more,” said Weigel-Green. “We will be trying to get feedback from students in the winter semester to see what else they would like to be able to sign out for next year.”

While the tech bar area at the Doon campus is larger and more prominent, the Cambridge and Waterloo campuses do have tech bars as well, although they are smaller.

As of this moment any help from tech tutors can be received by dropping by. In the future, the plan is for students to have the ability to book an appointment online to meet with a tech tutor.

In addition, LRC staff plan to promote the tech bar in the coming semester to inform students that this new resource exists, which will help them succeed.

The tech bar on the Doon campus is located just outside the LRC.

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