March 27, 2023


I grew up in a household that loves hockey. Hockey Night in Canada was a huge part of my childhood, even though I never really had a huge interest myself. I grew up looking forward though, to Don Cherry, and always seeing what kind of suit he might wear that night, or his forward and blunt opinions on things. However, there have been times over the years where he has crossed the line, and I think there is only so many times you can forgive someone for being insulting and rude on national television, before things need to escalate; nobody should be untouchable.

Cherry recently made a comment during his segment about how only “cuckaloos” believe in global warming. This isn’t the first time either, having called David Suzuki a “left-wing kook.”
Now, I love the way that society has started to change thanks to millenials starting to take over, where people are more open to new concepts, ideas and beliefs. However, that doesn’t change the fact that there is a fine line between entertainment and comedy, and being arrogant and insulting. Cherry is a wonderful man and a great entertainer, but crossing that line is not entertainment.
If Cherry was anyone else, he’d have been canned on the spot, but because of his long-standing history of being outspoken on just about every topic, it’s become acceptable for him to act like this on television.

This is preposterous really, and sets a perfect example for how rules are only applicable when people want them to be, and aren’t REALLY applicable to everyone equally. If the CBC really wanted to play fair, Cherry should be taken off the air, just like anyone else would be if they aired similar views. I write this with a heavy heart, as I always enjoyed watching the man, but at this point I think enough is enough.

I think if perhaps more had been done earlier about things like this, maybe it would not have come this far; but there is no sense in crying over spilled milk as we all know.
Maybe we should be blaming the CBC, not Cherry, for not riding Cherry about his rants sooner.
But maybe it is a moot point, since those who watch Saturday night hockey probably don’t want to hear someone rant about global warming in the first place.
One thing is for sure, if his ratings dive, he will be shown the door, even if he is Don Cherry.

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