March 31, 2023


On March 16 Conestoga Students Inc. hosted a St. Patrick’s Day Trivia at Conestoga College’s Cambridge campus. The facility, which opened in 2011, reach

es a smaller demographic than the vastly larger Doon campus. With the focus of events usually taking place at the Doon campus for this reason, this event was a new experience for not only the students but Conestoga Students Inc. as well.

“This is our first trivia (at the Cambridge campus),” said Aubrey Delong, a second-year computer programmer analyst student and Conestoga Students Inc. employee. “Today is St. Patrick’s Day trivia. Students have the chance to answer questions that are related to St. Patrick’s Day. It’s things like, ‘What is the capital of Ireland?’ Questions like that.”
The event took place in the campus’s cafeteria and featured a number of questions aimed at testing student’s knowledge of the Emerald Isle. Members of the winning team had the opportunity to win $10 in Condor cash.

The event, which ran for two hours, drew in some curious spectators, not just for the trivia but for the strong message the event promoted. Conestoga Students Inc., in conjunction with, set out to remind students not to get too “shamrocked” over the weekend by providing free water bottles and informational flyers. Students were encouraged to pick up a water bottle whether they were participating in the trivia or not.

Some students passed by, simply looking, while others took advantage of what the event had to offer and picked up a free bottle.
Daniel Agudelo, a third-year civil engineering technology student at the Cambridge campus, shared his thoughts on the event.
“It’s great to see CSI celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in a fun way and at the same time promoting safety.”
Students trickled in and out of the cafeteria during the trivia. By the end of the event most water bottles were gone, making it a success in terms of getting the message of safe drinking out to students.

So will CSI host another St. Patrick’s Day trivia next year? Judging by the positive response from students, it is more than likely they will.
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