April 1, 2023

By Matthew Nowell, Spoke News

After a campaign that left a lot to be desired last year, the region’s first-ever professional basketball team, the KW Titans, are looking to build off of their late-season progress for the upcoming 2018/2019 NBL-Canada schedule.

With just a few weeks left before training camp officially kicks off for the Titans, fans and members of the organization alike have a lot to be excited about. In the coming weeks, fans can expect a handful of updates to be released by the team, including the recently revealed upcoming season’s schedule, as well as some announcements regarding offseason acquisitions that are sure to have a major impact on the team’s outlook.

This will also be the first full season head coach Cavell Johnson will have the opportunity to coach the Titans while fully implementing his system and game plan. Johnson, who was originally a player for the region’s team, was offered the position of head coach last season, after proving to be a capable leader who had the ability to inspire and rally his troops.

“I’m really looking forward to an exciting season of growth for our team and organization,” Johnson said.

“We’re going to have a great group balanced with veteran leadership and young, hungry players. That, combined with the chemistry that we build, will prove to be a great mixture for success on and off the floor.”

The KW Titans had a disappointing season last year, after missing the playoffs and finishing their run with just an 8-32 record. The previous year, which was the team’s inaugural season, the Titans faring considerably better, making a deep playoff run and finishing the season with an 18-22 record, to place third in the standings.

In July, representatives from the team’s coaching staff and front office traveled to Las Vegas — the hub for all offseason activities in basketball. There they saw and scouted potential prospects for their future roster at several combines and showcases. Las Vegas has made itself the go-to spot for scouting in the world of hoops every summer, with the NBA hosting their widely syndicated summer-league there yearly.

The Titans are also hoping to build off their continuous growth in local interest and popularity in the upcoming season. With plans to consistently fill more seats in The Aud this time around and develop a strong fan base in the region for years to come.

Members of the team’s roster and front office have been very busy over the summer, keeping active in the community through charity events and other positive public outreaches. Johnson, in particular, has been heavily involved with a number of events that have seen him making a meaningful impact on many members of the region’s lives.

The KW Titans’ 2018-19 schedule is here.

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