May 27, 2022

By Keegan Lavigne, Spoke News

With the increasing popularity of video games, The Den, a gaming area located on Conestoga’s Doon campus above The Venue, is bound to become a more popular destination for students.

Conestoga Students Inc. hosted an event on campus on Sept. 11 to promote the expanded recreation area. The event was held in A Building in the lower atrium, where various games and TVs were brought down for students to play. Many new games and consoles, such as the Nintendo Switch, were brought to the demonstration.

Conestoga College students play video games at Conestoga College on Sept. 10. Photo by Keegan Lavigne, Spoke News

“What we’re doing is getting students to come down to this lower atrium. We want them to play games, get a feel, and kind of distress from the first week of school,” said Dani McNabb, a CSI staff member. The organization wants students to know there are lots of different things to do on campus, including a lounge at The Den where students can relax and just hang out.

Many Conestoga students weren’t aware of these facilities located on campus.

Design foundations student Dylan Scopnick just found out about The Den through the event held by CSI. He thought that more students should take advantage of the existence of little getaways inside the school.

“Of course I think it’s beneficial. I mean, you always need a place to relax. The hallways definitely aren’t a good place, as it’s always crazy,” Scopnick said. “The music is nice, the atmosphere is pretty good, it’s pretty comfy. It’s seriously comfy actually.”

Conestoga is hosting many upcoming events, such as The Hollerado and Tokyo Police Club concert on Sept. 20, as well as Friday comedy night at The Venue.

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