December 5, 2023

By Karina Kajishima and Clara Montgomery, Spoke News

As another month begins, the students and faculty at Conestoga College are still killin’ it. Days get shorter and the temperature drops outside, but the ICONdors are still looking hot. Fall in love with the variety of styles found on campus this October.

Here are some of the fashion highlights of this week’s Fashion ICONdors:

Morgan Jadischke from the broadcasting—television and independent production program. Photo by Karina Kajishima and Clara Montgomery / Spoke News.

“I pretty much wear whatever I like and what I think is funny,” Jadischke said. His drawstring backpack featured his own album cover art. “I have two albums that came out this year, one is called The Rap LP – (LP). It has some censorship, so it’s a different title on Apple Music and Spotify. You can look me up — Teflon Big Morgy M is the rap name. I have another mixtape that came out this year and I have a Christmas album coming out in November.”

Jadischke proved to be full of surprises by layering two hoodies and a T-shirt. His black hoodie featured some pop culture icons; the one under that was a weirdly specific sentiment over Jesus and the T-shirt; under that was a Conestoga College dad one. His Nike shoes and backpack added a modern, fun touch to his look.

Olivia Morris (left) and Julianna Baltzer, both part-time students studying community and criminal justice. Photo by Karina Kajishima and Clara Montgomery / Spoke News.

“This sounds so cliché, but my grandma,” answered Morris when asked what inspires her style. “I wear her clothing from when she was a kid. I dress like a ’90s mom sometimes.”

“I would say a lot of different aspects, because it changes every day,” said Baltzer about the same question.”I’m not really sure. I think like, music, different eras; I like ‘90s a lot. I like Lady Gaga’s style a lot, I think she’s gorgeous. I just go with whatever I’m feelin’.”

Morris’s vintage yellow pants were the feature of her outfit. Her black crop-top and boots were the perfect foundation for the pants, making all of the outfit come together. Baltzer combined drawstring jeans with a sophisticated cropped sweater, making her look fashionable and fierce. Her red hair and choker were the final touch needed to bring life to her basic outfit.

Eric Hanson from the broadcasting – television and independent production program. Photo by Karina Kajishima and Clara Montgomery / Spoke News.

“I like to dress respectably,” he hesitated. “So that I can earn respect.”

Wearing four different textured layers, Hanson was warm and trendy. With a Back to the Future T-shirt, a button-up shirt, a cardigan and an overcoat, he was rocking his own style. His dad hat said “Free hugs” on it, bringing kindness to his outfit.

Kiyana Wheeler from the journalism program. Photo by Karina Kajishima and Clara Montgomery / Spoke News.

“I just kind of wake up and just throw on whatever I’m feeling that day,” Wheeler commented. “Today was definitely a denim-on-denim day, so I was like, ‘Cool.’ “

While pulling off plum boots and a raglan shirt, Wheeler made a Canadian tuxedo look amazing. Her embroidered, destroyed jeans brought modernity to her outfit that was topped up with her vivid blue hair and choker.

Marshall Point (left) from the international business management program and Aiden Shaddick from the pre-health sciences program. Photo by Karina Kajishima and Clara Montgomery / Spoke News.

“I’ve been the same size for, like, four years, so I just have a huge wardrobe now,” Point said. “A lot of variety inspires me to put on a bunch of different outfits. I do enjoy black, white and grey.” About his shoes, Point said, “I found them at Journey’s for, like, $80 and I really like them. They’re Snoopy. I just like the white-and-black pattern.”

“I kind of want to stand out a little bit,” said Shaddick. “I don’t want to blend in with the crowd. I have a lot of shoes. I have like, 20 pairs of different shoes.”

Point looked on point. His Peanuts Snoopy Old Skool shoes were fun and matched his Vans hoodie perfectly. His Nike joggers brought a comfortable look together and showed that comfort and fashion can walk together. Shaddick invested in a colour-block trend and pulled it off flawlessly. His bright yellow T-shirt shirt and green Old Skool Vans brought life to a monotone outfit. Shaddick’s black skinny jeans were rolled up, showing his socks that matched the bottom of a white T-shirt under the yellow one.

Kelsey Turner from the pre-health sciences program. Photo by Karina Kajishima and Clara Montgomery / Spoke News.

Turner said that interest inspires her style. “I mean band T-shirts because I like certain bands,” she commented. “And then, I like Halloween!”

Showing her love for Halloween and Boston, Turner invested in fun leggings that were the star of her outfit. Her black band T-shirt and black boots were the perfect combination for a more contemporary look. Her denim jacket wrapped up a perfect outfit for a college day so close to Halloween.

To be featured in an upcoming instalment of Fashion ICONdors, put on your best outfit and Spoke will find you, no matter where you are.

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