March 27, 2023

As the beginning of the season for Conestoga’s volleyball teams fast approaches, the second-year coach of the women’s team, Haiqi-Liu, is optimistic about the upcoming season.

“Last year we struggled, results wise,” said Liu. “But I thought we had quite a bit of growth, both from the team perspective and being better technically, tactically.”

Coach Haiqi-Liu, Photo from

“At this time last year, we were still working on very, very basic skills regarding volleyball,” said Liu, describing how the team is light years ahead of where they were last year. “Now, at this time, we are looking at team play, we’re looking at systems.”

“There is a lot of growth to be had,” said Liu, “both for this season, but also in the future, because we have some pretty good athletes coming in as well.”

Although this is only Liu’s second year coaching at Conestoga, he is far from new to coaching the sport of volleyball.

“I’ve been coaching for almost 15 years,” said Liu. “The last probably third of that I’ve done professionally. I’ve been overseas to coach in Sweden. I’ve been working with the national team, both while they were in Winnipeg and the last couple of years while they were in B.C.”

Liu has also been involved with the provincial team and at the regional level.

Not only a coach, Liu began his volleyball career as a player. He played for the Pegasus (Kingston, Ont.) and Connex (Toronto) volleyball clubs, as well as playing on the University of Guelph’s varsity team.

The Conestoga women’s team has its first game of the season at home on Oct. 25.

The men’s team, coached by Wayne Harris, has its first game on the same day as the women’s team.      

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