March 27, 2023

Kitchener’s Concordia Club held its yearly ladies group Christmas bazaar on Sunday, complete with seasonal handcrafted and non-crafted items, jewelry, clothes, posters and delicious baked goods.

The event was free and gave participants the opportunity to celebrate Christmas early with family and friends in an enjoyable setting. Many were shopping for early Christmas presents that were handcrafted or items that are not handmade but on sale for an affordable price. The cafe offered coffee and tea with baked goods and a pleasant atmosphere for visiting.

According to ladies group president Maria Grupp, the event was a success and lots of people purchased products from the bazaar.

“We have a cafe — you can buy cookies, cake or you can buy the baked goods to take home. We have crafts and you can stay as long as you want to. If wanting to buy something you can sit for 15- 20 minutes, and get back to shopping, and bring your friends and family.”

Grupp says the group is 86 years old and it all began with a group of men who had a men’s choir. There is a variety of social groups within the Concordia Club; the ladies group is only one.

Grupp says being the president of the Concordia ladies group is not a lot of hard work and the younger groups help work on activities, but there is still a lot of work put into it, such as organizing events, Christmas dinners, and doing everything they can to help charities that need it.”

“It’s not as much work as it used to be because we don’t do some activities and we pass on to the younger groups, but we still do bazaars, we have a Christmas dinner and we take trips every year. The money that we make goes towards donations. If one of our members realizes there’s a special charity, we could help do that as well.”

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