August 12, 2022

Conestoga College’s medical care clinic plans to hold its annual free flu shot clinic next week — just in time for the flu season.

With the flu season upon us, many students may be looking for a convenient location to get their best line of defence against the virus that affects so many this time of year.

Conestoga’s medical care clinic will be providing a free flu shot clinic Nov. 5, 7, 12 and 13 to all students carrying their One Card in need of the service.

The medical care clinic has been putting on this preventative event for a number of years now and it has been greatly utilized by Conestoga’s student body.

All students will have received an email sent earlier this week to their student email account with all the details needed pertaining to when and where the clinic will take place.

Apart from the free flu shot clinic, Conestoga’s medical care clinic also hosts a multitude of other services, including pregnancy counselling and testing, sexually transmitted disease screening, treatments for illnesses or injuries, as well as mental health concerns, just to name a few.

The flu season generally ramps up between early autumn and late winter and can cause one to suffer a variety of symptoms, from a mild cold to being fully bedridden in some cases.

Flu shots will be being administered at both Waterloo and Doon campuses on specified dates between Nov. 5-13. The shots are also available free of charge at most pharmacies for anyone who has an Ontario health card.

A video story from the flu shot campaign from 2016 is here.

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