March 27, 2023

The KW Titans are inching closer and closer to their home opener this Sunday at The Aud as they embark on the long road to redemption after a disappointing season last year.

The final cuts have been made after a competitive training camp over the last few weeks. KW will be going with a 12-man roster that sports some familiar faces and new ones alike.

The Titans will have six returning players this season, including Nigel Tyghter, Derick Hall, Greg Morrow, Tramar Sutherland, Ed Horton and Denzel James.

The other half of the team will be joining KW from far and wide — players such as Scarborough native Ashton Smith, who previously played with the London Lightning, as well as another NBL Canada player, Akeem Ellis, who spent last season with the Island Storm in Prince Edward Island. Flenard Whitfield spent last season playing in Finland and Damon Lynn played in the NBA G-League for the Texas Legends. The team is also adding John Murry and Justin Strings, who both previously played in the NCAA.

At the helm of the ship is coach Cavell Johnson, a former member of the KW Titans roster who was promoted to head coach by the front office mid-season last year and has his sights set on postseason success this time around.

“We’re going to make a lot of noise; we’re going to make it to the playoffs and make a huge playoff push,” Johnson said. “These guys are really ready to fight for each other and they work hard each day, during practice, before practice, after practice, just continuing to get each other better and more prepared for the long season that’s to come.”

John Murry, PG/SG, KW Titans. Photo supplied.

The mood of the locker room going into Sunday’s home opener is one of excitement and hunger. The team feels they are ready and waiting for the first game of their upcoming season with great anticipation.

When asked how hungry the team is, the newcomer, John Murry, immediately replied: “Starving — we’re ready.”

“Me, personally? I’m ready to get out there and take it to whoever, like one-on-one. I don’t like nobody,” he added

KW can catch their hometown Titans this Sunday at the Aud at 2 p.m. for tip-off as the Titans do battle with expansion team the Sudbury Five on opening night.

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