April 13, 2024

By Karina Kajishima and Clara Montgomery, Spoke News

As the semester comes to a close, the ICONdors are still going strong. Not even exam stress can stop Conestoga’s students and faculty from dressing like it’s a runway every day. Enjoy this year’s final ICONdors and get ready for the looks 2019 has in store.

Here are some of the fashion highlights of this week’s Fashion ICONdors:

Mac Kemp from the broadcast – radio program. Photo by Karina Kajishima and Clara Montgomery / Spoke News.

“My major inspirations are kind of just through music and music icons and the emotions and feelings I get through that,” said Kemp. “Probably my biggest style inspiration is 2-D from Gorillaz. I really like the ‘70s college look, y’know? With the reds, whites, blues, stripes, off-white. I also just like plain graphic tees and band T-shirts. To me, it’s kind of like religion, y’know? It’s the same thing as a cross. You see someone wearing a cross, to me seeing someone with a band I like on their tee, that’s like, ‘Oh I have something to talk to them about and I can relate to them.’ That’s what it is. To me it’s just relating to people and giving that off.”

Kemp had a retro look with a modern twist in his striped polo shirt and cuffed brown pants. With matching brown shoes, he added a pop of colour to this look with bright green socks featuring hockey players. A denim jacket over his polo shirt made him look trendy and casual.

Emma Radun from the bachelor of community and criminal justice program. Photo by Karina Kajishima and Clara Montgomery / Spoke News.

“I have a lot of 8 a.m. classes so usually it’s like a sweater and then something comfortable,” commented Radun. “I do come from work a lot though, so I find that I dress up as well. So if it’s not a cute sweater and leggings, it’s usually kind of dressy pants and a nice comfortable sweater over top. I like to keep warm. I work at a law firm, so I have to dress up a lot. I have a lot of strict things that I can’t wear. I do almost like a more masculine look, like wearing high-waisted dress pants and a collared sweater. I just like the look of businessman attire. I don’t know why. There’s something that’s so sexy about it. I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I want to wear it.’ So that’s definitely an inspiration.”

Radun’s oversized mock turtleneck balanced well with her leggings. Her Dr. Martens and vest made her look edgy while keeping her warm and comfortable. The nude colour of her sweater contrasted nicely with all of the black aspects of her outfit.

Dylan Clugston from the police foundations program. Photo by Karina Kajishima and Clara Montgomery / Spoke News.

“I like heavy metal. Like, I’m a metalhead. So basically denim and leather. That’s how I live. Heavy music, denim and leather.”

Clad in leather and chains, his heavily distressed jeans tucked into his boots made him look mosh pit ready. His leather jacket expressed his own personality with added buttons. His backwards green hat was the only touch of colour in an otherwise monotone look.

Grace Angelina Van Loenen from the media foundations program. Photo by Karina Kajishima and Clara Montgomery / Spoke News.

“Honestly I like to look good and express my emotion through what I wear, my makeup and my music. I’m just very expressive and creative, so I like showing that in the materialistic world too.”

Entirely dressed in urban camouflage, Van Loenen rocked a two-piece set with a sweater tied around her waist. With long sleeves and long pants, she avoided over-covering with her cropped shirt, and also put emphasis on her belly button jewelry.

Dylan Guillemette from the tool and die maker (apprenticeship) program. Photo by Karina Kajishima and Clara Montgomery / Spoke News.

“I wear this just for school in December,” explained Guillemette. “I like getting in the festive spirit and what better way to do that than with a not-so-ugly Christmas sweater.”

With a wild crossover of Christmas X Guns N’ Roses, Guillemette showed his festive spirit while also expressive his love for hard rock. His boots made him look tough. He ditched the November Rain for December candy canes.

Miranda Smyth from the bachelor of applied health information science program. Photo by Karina Kajishima and Clara Montgomery / Spoke News.

“I really like the style that the Kardashians have, so I kind of base my outfits off of their style,” stated Smyth. “I like it. Kind of business and just really put together. It’s all about the accessories. I really like to have details in my outfits.”

Smyth’s all black-and-white outfit was very business-chic. Her rolled up striped pants were the feature of this look, bringing life to a simple outfit. Her boots were short enough to expose her ankles, breaking up this look, and her cardigan was long, keeping things harmonized.

Joyal George from the business program. Photo by Karina Kajishima and Clara Montgomery / Spoke News.

George said, “I usually wear Jack and Jones. So it’s not specific, just random, but I usually prefer Jack and Jones. More casual.”

George’s ribbed, rolled up jeans brought focus to his white Nike shoes. His bomber jacket was layered over a Jack and Jones hoodie, making him look fashionable. His Guess beanie topped everything off.


Dan Pampano from the public relations program. Photo by Karina Kajishima and Clara Montgomery / Spoke News.

I for a long time wanted to be a teaching assistant,” Pampano said. “It’s almost just like a T.A. look if I were to list off anything. Most of this is almost just accidental, where I think I buy these clothes with subconscious intention to give that look and then over time just kind of develop that kind of wardrobe. So I’d say that’s the main reason for it.”

Mixing styles, Pampano pulled off a more formal coat, Old Skool Vans and a colourful Adidas T-shirt. His messenger bag, coat and khaki pants made him look professional while the rest kept him casual.

To be featured in an upcoming instalment of Fashion ICONdors, put on your best outfit and Spoke will find you, no matter where you are.

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