May 25, 2024

By Karina Kajishima and Clara Montgomery, Spoke News

With the end November, Spoke News went full-circle and returned to Doon campus for another edition of this weekly fashion feature. Back at its home base, Fashion ICONdors is ready to find more of the best dressed around campus.

Here are some of the fashion highlights of this week’s Fashion ICONdors:

Andrei Ermolaev from the bachelor of business administration (honours) – international business management program. Photo by Karina Kajishima and Clara Montgomery / Spoke News.

When asked what his style means to him, Ermolaev said, “Just a way to express myself to make an announcement to the world, like, ‘This is me. This is what I represent.’ So today I represent pretty much casual. I woke up early today, so I was trying to make this trash outfit, but it appears to be that it is not too bad.”

By pairing light, rolled up jeans with a darker rest of his outfit, Ermolaev demonstrated a well-balanced look. His basic, black T-shirt helped to accentuate the pattern of his plaid shirt. He sported a roll-up beanie, which is a newer trend, and boots, giving him a fall vibe.

Ana Contreras from the broadcast radio program. Photo by Karina Kajishima and Clara Montgomery / Spoke News.

“I’m a big believer in feeling good about yourself so I know that this works for me,” said Contreras. “If I plan my outfit the night before and then I’ll go to sleep, wake up and I just have to have a shower, do my makeup, put on the outfit, then I feel great for the entire day. Or if whatever happens during that day, if I’m having a bad day, I know that at least I still look good. So you know what? I’ve accomplished one thing out of my entire day.”

Contreras wore a unique, Victorian style shirt with a modern twist: the laces on the collar of her shirt. The sheer outer layer of her shirt added depth to this piece by allowing the layer underneath to be visible. Her black pants and boots flowed beautifully together and went well with her black pom-pom hat. 

Lev Marder, faculty member in liberal studies. Photo by Karina Kajishima and Clara Montgomery / Spoke News.

“On different days, it’s different. Today it’s basically being comfortable, especially on a Friday and we have presentations (in class),” explained Marder. “The thing with this outfit is the plaid shirt is something I was given just last summer when we went camping. I didn’t have anything like this to repel mosquitoes. This apparently helps. Since then, I associate that with comfort. So whenever I want to be comfortable on a rainy day, I’m not wearing my white shirt — it’s more of this comfortable one. So it depends on the day.”

With a moss-green, knitted cardigan and olive pants, Marder looked comfortable yet professional. The warmer tones of his shoes and belt went together well. A blue plaid shirt peeked out from behind his cardigan, adding a pop of vibrancy and fun to this otherwise neutral look.

Victoria Sabbadin from the visual merchandising arts program. Photo by Karina Kajishima and Clara Montgomery / Spoke News.

“Honestly, I’m very into streetwear, skatewear, I’ve kind of been like that since high school,” Sabbadin explained. “I really just don’t like dressing how old I am. I like dressing, like, younger. Just wake up, throw something together and away we go.”

Sabbadin rocked multiple dark layers, making her shirt and shoes stand out. Her accessories, such as her choker, beanie and glasses, gave her a distinctively cool look. With everything else in her outfit being loose-fitting, her black skinny jeans brought harmony to her look.

Aaron Hall from the business – marketing program. Photo by Karina Kajishima and Clara Montgomery / Spoke News.

“I find it as a form of personal expression I guess,” said Hall. “Being in marketing, I consider myself more of a creative person so I feel like the way you dress really expresses your creativity. So I guess that’s part of it. Just my personality.”

A Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandoulière, embroidered with his initials, in hand, Hall looked classy and fashionable in his cherry blazer.  His graphic T-shirt underneath added the right amount of fun to a business look, making him look casual and approachable as well. His black shoes were sleek, keeping the focus on his blazer and bag.

Grace Tavares from the visual merchandising arts program. Photo by Karina Kajishima and Clara Montgomery / Spoke News.

“I’m a very diverse person. Everyone knows me for my outgoing personality, so it really reflects in the way that I dress,” Tavares mentioned. “Right now, you see I’m very, like, boyish almost; I’ve got a skater vibe. But other days I’ll be, like, that — Oh I can’t say that, can I? But I’ll be that preppy, like. . . Girl. You know what I mean? I just like to dress a certain way just because I like to express myself. I dress crazy, I am crazy.”

A theme of checkers kept continuity throughout her outfit, as her shirt and shoes matched flawlessly. Her ripped mom jeans contrasted with her fuzzy jacket, bringing a high-low vibe to this look. The brightness of her jeans and jacket counter-balanced her Vans x Sketchy long sleeve shirt.

Aidan Marsh from the design foundations program. Photo by Karina Kajishima and Clara Montgomery / Spoke News.

“I think that when it comes to fashion, there’s so much identity that we attach to the clothes that we put on our body,” said Marsh. “There’s so much, whether it’s personal culture, personal identity, how you feel or the subcultures that you’re interested in, the music that you listen to — it influences people so much. So I just try to really capture how I feel and what I feel like represents me and my personality and try to express that as much as possible when I dress. I truly appreciate every opportunity I get to express who I am and try new things with the clothes that I wear. It means a lot to me.”

Marsh’s geometric patterned pants subtly accented the rest of his outfit without overpowering his coat and drew the eyes downward to his bright white shoes. He accessorized well with earrings and a cross necklace. An all-black base for his outfit made the flat tan of his coat stand out.

To be featured in an upcoming instalment of Fashion ICONdors, put on your best outfit and Spoke will find you, no matter where you are.

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