April 22, 2024



To some it may just look like a ball with needle, hook and yarn, but knitting and crochet are creative arts that improve one’s physical and mental health, research suggests.


Knitting, crochet and chatting in an environment that is enjoyable, inside a great space that fosters creativity and helps members learn new techniques and meet new friends — those are the things they do at The Cortina Club.

Vita Warris says projects are worked on to be gifted to others as Christmas, birthdays or other occasions. Photo by Manija Hamidullah, Spoke News

In a Craft Yarn Council research survey of 3,100 individuals, knitting and crochet helped relieve stress in 85 per cent of participants and provided enjoyment, pleasure and mood improvement in 68 per cent of the group. A whopping 93 per cent of the knitters and crocheters had an accomplished feeling after finishing a project. The activities also enhanced confidence, concentration abilities, problem solving and memory.

According to Vita Warris, one of the local club’s members, knitting is known to be therapeutic. It relieves tension and stress. The club allows anyone to attend and get creative in an environment where one is part of a community, learning new knitting and crochet techniques.

“Knitting and crochet does help with anxiety and stress and it is good for the hands,” Warris said. “Aside from working on projects for ourselves, we work on a project here that will be gifted to others as Christmas, birthdays or other occasions. I sometimes make scarves, hats or lap blankets for the homeless, and/or for coat drives with the extra yarn I have.”

Anne Marie Soun and Edith Baer both attend the club on a regular basis. They talked about how knitting and crochet helps with anxiety, stress and depression. Both of them plan on continuing to attend because it is what keeps them happy, both physically and mentally.

Anne Marie Soun, right, and Edith Baer, second from the right, say knitting and crochet helps with anxiety, stress and depression. Photo by Manija Hamidullah, Spoke News

“Being creative really helps with stress and the friendship that we have here. . . .  It’s been two years, and a year ago it helped me tremendously, because I was going through something and being able to knit here and crochet and to have a supportive team to even cry on helps.” said Soun.

“Knitting and crochet helps with stress and depression and I really like coming here because everyone speaks different languages,” said Baer. “I really enjoy the company here and encourage anyone who wants to attend to do so.”

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